Little Schools in the Parkland


Little School graphic Wainwright Retired Teachers’ Association thank Retired Teachers and others who made contributions. Especially, we would like to recognize committee members who sent in articles and those of the committee who spent countless hours researching, copying and editing material.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Barbara Dunnigan Marquardt
    Superintendent of Schools, Wainwright School Division No. 32
    who encouraged us to attempt the project and provided Anne’s services;
  • Terry Pearson, Superintendent of Schools, and
    Doug Coffin, Deputy Superintendent of Schools
    Buffalo Trails Regional Division No. 28
    who honoured this commitment to provide services at cost;
  • Anne Jones who typed the material;
  • Jim Withnell who provided land locations and other pertinent information;
  • and, more recently with the creation of this site in 2006,
  • Kim Pierce, who transcribed all the text from the book for re-publication here.
  • Little School graphic
  • Washburn Laird who did illustrations and provided humour to our otherwise humdrum work sessions.
  • Edgerton & District Historical Society — “Winds of Change”
  • Chauvin Senior Citizens’ Drop-In — “Across the Year”
  • Irma Historical Society — “Down Memory Lane”
  • Gilt Edge Ladies Booster Club — “Buffalo Trails & Tales”